We begin January 2023 with Mars still retrograde in Gemini, until the middle of the month. Mars retrograde has been a troublemaker for many of us. Because Gemini is ruled by Mercury this phase of Mars has reminded me of what it’s like when Mercury is retrograde (but worse). Mercury turned retrograde Dec. 29 and remains retrograde until Jan. 17. We are once again invited to go within and not take life in the world too seriously. Being in Nature helps. Frustrating things that happen will get cleared up just not as quickly as we might prefer.

Jan. 1 – 4 Venus and Pluto are in a positive aspect with Jupiter in Aries. This is good for the economy. There will be options to help you grow your financial status. This is clearly stated in the chart for 2023. Jan. 1 at 12:01 a.m. is the calculated birth chart for the entire year ahead. This upbeat transforming aspect suggests that some will be in love, while others are attracting many potential partners to choose from. This applies most profoundly to anyone born: Jan. 21- 24, March 21 – 24, May 22 – 25, Sept. 24 – 27, and Nov. 23 – 26 of any year.

Jan. 1 – 4 Mercury (retrograde) is in a fine aspect with Neptune. Living according to one’s highest values will be a theme for the year ahead. Forgiving yourself for judging others who are not living up to your high goals for them is a required goal this year. Interesting that all the planets are on the right side of the chart for 2023. This is a dramatic way of saying that it’s a karmic year. Surprising things happen. As always, we have a choice to respond or react. Opportunities will come about to be seriously considered. These could be opportunities that you had never thought of before. There is also a focus on relating. How do we go about it? Hopefully, we are treating others respectfully as if they truly are our brothers and sisters. Remembering that we are all doing the best we can do with the consciousness we have at any given moment in time.

Jan. 1 – 4 Venus in Aquarius is now in a positive aspect with Jupiter in Aries. Venus in a positive (sextile 60 degree) aspect with Jupiter brings financial gain. This aspect brings about the potential for a romance with shared principles to grace your life.

Jan. 5 – 9 The Sun and Mercury in Capricorn are in a superfine aspect with Uranus in Taurus. As we move closer to the time of the Full Moon, you’ll be feeling the quickened energy of this aspect as it raises your frequency and brings thoughts about inventions for our future. You will be feeling free to express your truth. I know that you’ll be feeling deeply calm and yet exhilarated at the same time. Conversations will stimulate insights for you.

Jan. 6 The Full Moon takes place at 6:08 p.m. The Moon in Cancer is opposite the Sun in Capricorn. Both are making positive aspects to Uranus in Taurus. Innovative ideas will come to mind. Pay attention to your thoughts. They should be absolutely ingenious. However, at this time Mercury, Mars and Uranus are still retrograde. It’s not the time to make inventions known publicly. Keep your ideas quiet a little while longer. When there are no planets retrograde is the time to be open with your innovative ideas. That’s from *Jan. 22 until April 21* which is a long time for there to be absolutely no planets retrograde at all. I look forward to this phase. It takes place each year at about this same time.

Ananur Forma has studied Astrological Wisdom since the 1970s. She can be reached at ananur@twc.com with questions or to set up a personal, astrological chart reading. Her website is AstrologyWithAnanur.com.