CAMDEN — The town of Camden is putting together an estimate for the Federal Emergency Management Agency after the Dec. 23 storm damaged the seawall at Harbor Park, smashed floats at the public landing and created problems at the Yacht Club.

Town Manager Audra Caler said Will Gartley of Gartley & Dorsky Engineering & Surveying is gathering information for a report to FEMA on the storm. She said that as far as the seawall goes FEMA indicated after the last round of repairs to the seawall following a hurricane that it would be the last time they paid to repair it because it is not a resilient design.

The town is also still finding and dealing with damage from the 2021 Halloween Storm.

The most recent storm included high winds and an astronomical high tide that lifted floats higher than the wharf. The library had recently done work to the seawall that was damaged in this storm.

Caler said this most recent storm event did not include much inland flooding.

She said the goal should be over time to increase the resiliency in the infrastructure so the taxpayers are not paying to repair the same structures over and over again.