ROCKLAND — The City Council is scheduled to hold its annual goal-setting meeting Wednesday night, Jan. 4 at 5:30 p.m.

The goal setting will occur after the Council sets the agenda for the regular monthly meeting for Jan. 9.

At the last goal-setting meeting held in January 2022, the Council called for improving the stormwater management infrastructure, improving the walkability of Rockland, encouraging more citizen participation, creating a stormwater utility, affordable housing and increasing non-property tax revenues such as paid parking.

In January 2021, the future of recreation services, making downtown more pedestrian friendly and improving communications with the public were the top goals listed by Rockland City Councilors.

The goals set at the 2019 meeting were to complete plans on how to guide future development along Camden Street and Tillson Avenue; stronger cooperation with neighboring communities on the possible sharing of public services; closer communications with the regional school district; and environmental issues such as dealing with climate change and reducing the use of artificial pesticides; dealing with the shortage of affordable housing; and how to increase public participation in City Council-decision making.