PITTSFIELD — The Midcoast was well represented in the annual Husky Winter Classic high school wrestling tournament on Wednesday, Dec. 28 as Oceanside of Rockland finished first and the Mariners and Medomak Valley of Waldoboro Panthers grabbed individual championships.

Oceanside’s Gavin Ripley (138 pounds) and Nathaniel Small (160), along with Medomak Valley’s Shamus Pease (145), captured individual titles.

Additionally for area mat student-athletes, Oceanside earned two firsts, three seconds, third and two fourths, while Medomak Valley had first, two seconds and third. Mount View of Thorndike finished with two thirds and two fourths.

The team scores were: Oceanside 127, Cony of Augusta/Messalonskee of Oakland 99, Morse of Bath 99, Oxford Hills of South Paris 86, Medomak Valley 78.5, Mount View 64, Ellsworth 62.5, Erskine Academy of South China 58.5, Cheverus/Falmouth 54, Bucksport 52, Fort Kent 41, Maine Central Institute 37, Piscataquis of Guilford 26, Madison 15.5, Poland 9, Caribou 1 and Brewer and independents no score.

The individual results for Midcoast wrestlers were:

106 pounds — Austin White-Ortiz, Ocean, received a first-round bye; lost to Joel Desjardins, FK, 12-10; beat James Terry, OxH, 11-4; and pinned Kaden Webster, Mor, at 4:47 in the consolation final. White-Ortiz finished third.

113 pounds — Maddie Ripley, Ocean, received a first-round bye; pinned Nathan Staples, Med, at 1:31; and lost by technical fall to Noah Kryztofiac, MtB, 17-2, in the championship final. Ripley finished second.

Nathan Staples, Med, pinned Sam LaFavor, Con/Mess, at 4:53; was pinned by Maddie Ripley, Ocean, at 1:31; and was pinned by Joel Allen, Ells, at 2:42.

120 pounds — Phoenix Martinez, Ocean, pinned Shane Goguen, MtV, at 0:25; beat Bryce Atkisson, OxH, 6-0; and lost by techncial fall to Wynn Pooler, EA, 19-3, in the championship final. Martinez finished second.

Colby Benner, Med, pinned Gabe Shorey, Con/Mess, at 0:28 in a pigtail match; was pinned by Wynn Pooler, EA, at 0:38; and was pinned by Brooklyn Webber, MtB, at 1:26.

Shane Goguen, MtV, pinned Jovin Pesek, Ells, at 0:50 in a pigtail match; was pinned by Phoenix Martinez, Ocean, at 0:25; pinned Cale Landry, Mad, at 0:16; and was pinned by Isaac Strout, Mor, at 0:20.

126 pounds — Antonio Vieira, MtV, pinned Alcide Demers, Mor, at 5:59; was pinned by Jeremy Turner, OxH, at 0:41; pinned Xavier Estes, Mad, at 3:54; and pinned Alicide Demers, Mor, at 0:52 in the consolation final. Vieira finished third.

Gabe White, Med, was pinned by Xavier Estes, Mad, at 1:27 in a pigtail match.

132 pounds — Nathan Legere, Med, lost by major decision to Brody Anderson, Car, 22-10, in a pigtail match.

138 pounds — Gavin Ripley, Ocean, pinned Austin Jean, FK, at 2:34; pinned Josiah Miller, MtV, at 0:57; and pinned Karson Tibbetts, Pis, at 3:18 in the championship final. Ripley finished first.

Josiah Miller, MtV, pinned Parker Boucher, Car, at 2:17 in a pigtail match; pinned Giacomo Smith, EA, at 4:17; was pinned by Gavin Ripley, Ocean, at 0:57; and was pinned Rilan Smith, Chev/Fal, at 2:36.

Zach Steeves, Med, was pinned by Austin Jean, FK, at 0:30 in a pigtail match.

145 pounds — Shamus Pease, Med, pinned Xavier Wills, Mad, at 1:56; pinned Hunter Wormwood, OxH, at 3:04; and pinned Jacob Ouellette, Mor, at 5:50 in the championship final. Pease finished first.

Chase Kenney, MtV, pinned Anderson, St. Onge, Con/Mess, at 3:00; was pinned by Jacob Ouellette, Mor, at 1:27; won by disqualification over Logan Rowell, Ells; and was pinned by Hunter Wormwood, OxH, at 0:24 in the consolation final. Kenney finished fourth.

Jacob Barstow, Ocean, pinned Owen Hesseltine, MtB, at 1:23 in a pigtail match; was pinned by Jacob Ouelette, Mor, at 1:11; pinned Anderson St. Onge, Con/Mess, at 4:39; and was pinned by Hunter Wormwood, OxH, at 2:21.

145 pounds — Grady Pease, Med, won by technical fall over Brady Martin, Poland, 16-0; lost to Isaac Keresey, MCI, 6-2; beat Curtis Fogg, OxH, 8-7; and beat Brady Martin, Poland, 8-1, in the consolation final. Pease finished third.

Alex Whitney, MtV, beat Gracey Rooney, Mor, 8-3, in a pigtail match; was pinned by Isaac Keresey, MCI, at 0:59; and was pinned by Brady Martin, Poland, at 2:54.

160 pounds — Nathaniel Small, Ocean, pinned Christian Hesseltine, Ells, at 1:24; beat Isaac Horler, Chev/Fal, 7-2; and won by major decision over Bradley Creamer, Mor, 12-4, in the championship final. Small finished first.

David Boynton, Med, was pinned by Bryce Hazelton, OxH, at 0:48 in a pigtail match.

Matthew Crockett, MtV, was pinned by Jake Towle, Con/Mess, at 0:37 in a pigtail match.

170 pounds — Joseph Brown, Ocean, pinned Bryan Donnelly, Mad, at 2:51; pinned Kayden Foster, Buck, at 3:38; and was pinned by Ashford Hays, Mor, at 1:14 in the championship final. Brown finished second.

Evan Sedyak, MtV, was pinned by Carter Desjardins, FK, at 1:10 in a pigtail match.

182 pounds — Tony Mathous, MtV, pinned Cole Bales, Med, at 1:22; was pinned by Timber Parlin, EA, at 0:56; pinned Jason Bagley, MtB, at 0:48; and was pinned by Sam Soper, Buck, at 4:55 in the consolation final. Mathous finished fourth.

Cole Bales, Med, was pinned by Tony Mathous, MtV, at 1:22; pinned Grace Jean, Car, at 0:21; and was pinned by Sam Soper, Buck, at 1:22.

195 pounds — Michael Matthews, Ocean, pinned Bradford Couture, MtB, at 1:21; was pinned by Connor Fitch, Buck, at 1:09; pinned Thomas Roderick, Mad, at 3:53; and was pinned by Kaiden Veilleux, Con/Mess, at 0:43 in the consolation final. Matthews finished fourth.

Aedan Barrett, MtV, was pinned by Luke McKenny, Ells, at 0:25; and was pinned by Thomas Roderick, Mad, at 1:17.

220 pounds — Marshall Addy, Med, pinned Cooper Wren, MtV, at 3:23; pinned Joseph Bowen, Buck, at 1:51; and was pinned by Nathan Shedd, Con/Mess, at 1:48 in the championship final. Addy finished second.

Cooper Wren, MtV, was pinned by Marshall Addy, Med, at 3:23; pinned Max Crute, Ocean, at 4:13; and was pinned by Chris Levesque, OxH, at 0:31.

Max Crute, Ocean, pinned Landin Spooner, Car, at 0:31 in a pigtail match; was pinned by Joseph Bowen, Buck, at 1:52; and was pinned by Cooper Wren, MtV, at 4:13.

285 pounds — Nathan Gess, Med, pinned Shawn Bragdon, Car, at 0:23 in a pigtail match; pinned Takuma Steinberger, Ocean, at 1:21; pinned Riley Bryant, MtV, at 0:51; and was pinned by Jonny Lettre, Con/Mess, at 0:18 in the championship final. Gess finished second.

Riley Bryant, MtV, pinned Andy Herrick, Ells, at 1:22; was pinned by Nathan Gess, Med, at 0:51; won by forfeit over Wyatt Weaver, Buck; and pinned Takuma Steinberger, Ocean, at 0:35 in the consolation final. Bryant finished third.

Takuma Steinberger, Ocean, pinned Gavin Ashton, Brew, at 0:35 in a pigtail match; was pinned by Nathan Gess, Med, at 1:21; pinned Andy Herrick, Ells, at 0:20; beat Will Gale, Chev/Fal, 5-3; and was pinned by Riley Bryant, MtV, at 0:35 in the consolation fnal. Steinberger finished fourth.

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