Dear Friends,

On Dec. 7, I was sworn into office as your state representative for a third term. I could not be more honored to serve you and the communities of Hope, Union and Warren for the next two years in Augusta. I am also looking forward to working alongside my colleagues in the 131st Legislature to find solutions for the many challenges facing our state.

In the 131st Legislature, I will be working on the skyrocketing cost of housing, from property taxes to expenses. I’ll be building on the work we have done in the 130th Legislature to address the ongoing threat of PFAS to our community and address the real threat of rising heating costs this winter. I will work to ensure those issues are brought to the table and work with my colleagues in a bipartisan manner to move good policies forward.

Again, Thank you for choosing me to represent our communities in the Maine State Legislature. Please contact me any time with questions, concerns, or help with a state agency by calling our office in Augusta at 287-1400, or emailing me at

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Bill Pluecker
State Representative