I’ve been noticing an increasingly alarmist trend in the articles, columns and letters in the Herald regarding the impact of global warming on our river and harbor. While I fully believe that global warming is occurring, I don’t think its imminent local effects are a reason to panic or overreact. Yes, people need to prepare, but since the Megunticook River and Montgomery Falls are well above the highest tide mark in the harbor (about 20 feet), I don’t think either will be affected by the current predicted rise in sea level. It is also questionable that the amount of rainfall that we receive in this area will be significant enough that our current drainage system (if well maintained) cannot handle the excess run-off water.

Several surveys have been done on the river and the dams, and none have suggested that the removal of any would alleviate possible flooding of the river in town. A rise in sea level would affect low lying areas like the Public Landing and the lower Harbor Park, which could be addressed by raising the height of the seawall at the bottom of the park — not by removing or altering the Montgomery Dam. Simply maintain the dam — which is the town’s responsibility and has not been done in recent years. There also is no need for an expensive fish ladder since there is no historical or other record of ocean fish migrating up the river to spawn.

I would hope that Camden residents keep these points in mind when considering the future of the river dams and the harbor.

Jo Ann Simon