CAMDEN — A company called NordHavn Camden, LLC, has submitted an application to the town planning office for a 10-unit condominium subdivision off Route 1 out past Camden Hills State Park on the way to Lincolnville.

Gartley & Dorsky Engineering and Surveying submitted the plans for NordHavn. Edward Hansen is listed as the managing partner for NordHavn.

The project is planned for a 43.48-acre parcel at 440 Belfast Rd. (Route 1) and is described as an “open-space residential development” putting in nine new stand-alone, single-family condominiums. These would be added to the one unit already existing on the property.

The parcel is a wooded area and there is an existing network of woods roads. The existing driveway is too narrow and steep for the new project, so a larger one would be installed.

The owners are asking for waivers to allow for the specific needs of part of the access roads in the subdivision and to be able to improve a driveway closer than 75 feet from Spring Brook. Ordinances require a 75-foot setback from the water.

The planning board is set to consider the project Jan. 12.

“The are no perceived traffic concerns in this location,” the preapplication site analysis document states. “MaineDOT will review the proposed entrance and determine if improvements will be required to accommodate the anticipated development. An entrance permit application has been submitted to MaineDOT for the proposed change in use and relocation.”

The document also addresses other environmental impacts.

“The site contains a large deer wintering yard occupying two-thirds of the property,” it states. “We have contacted IF&W (Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife) to review the mapped deer wintering yard and our proposed encroachment. The developer’s goals include a natural development that blends the residential units into the natural surroundings by using the historic woods roads, buildings on posts, and limiting building sizes, road widths, and tree removal. In addition, the proposed development is focused in areas with deciduous trees, to ensure impacts to the potential deer wintering areas are minimized. We have requested IF&W determine if the deer wintering yard should be considered high or moderate value, specifically in the areas of the proposed encroachment.

“We anticipate permits will be required from MaineDOT for the entrance alterations on Route 1 and a Permit-By-Rule from the Department of Environmental Protection for the proposed soil disturbance within 75′ of the stream if approved.”

A look at the location of the proposed Camden subdivision provided to the town by Gartley & Dorsky.