CAMDEN— Camden National Bank has announced that its Hope@Home program has reached the milestone of $700,000 in unrestricted funds, donated to over 50 homeless shelters throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

According to the 2022 annual Point in Time Survey, published by the Maine State Housing Authority, nearly 3,500 people were experiencing homelessness in Maine, a sharp increase from previous years. Founded in 2015, Hope@Home’s mission is to support the organizations working to combat this growing problem through unrestricted funding. For every new home financed through Camden National Bank, the Bank donates $100 of unrestricted funds in the buyers’ name to a nearby shelter.

“Through Hope@Home, we’re raising awareness for the issue of homelessness in our communities and supporting organizations and staff who are at the forefront of providing help, through unrestricted funding,” said Greg Dufour, president and chief executive officer of Camden National Bank. “We recognize the increasing need for support and are thankful for our customers who help us make this program possible and the organizations that work tirelessly to support our communities.”

“Unrestricted funding, like we receive from Camden National Bank’s Hope@Home program, allows Knox County Homeless Coalition to operate with a “do the right thing” philosophy,” said Molly Feeney, director of social services at KCHC. “As we face some of the most acute needs our area has experienced in decades, funding of this sort supports the work we do within the community — even before someone is able to sign up for our services. This immediate intervention is something we must fund ourselves, but we remain committed to offering it because we believe everyone is deserving of help if they are brave enough to ask.”