THOMASTON — Maine-based cannabis company Atlantic Farms of Portland plans to open a new recreational marijuana shop at the location previously occupied by Supercuts in Thomaston.

The company has been in business four years, owner/operator Bryan Roach said, and currently operates a retail marijuana shop in Portland and a manufacturing facility in Somerville.

Roach and Atlantic Farms received approval for conditional use for the 210 New County Road location from the Thomaston Planning Board on Tuesday, Dec. 20.

Roach said the new shop would meet all state requirements, including security, as the company is very familiar with these conditions and can recreate what is in the Portland store.

During the review, Planning Board Chair Joanne Richards asked Roach about monitoring customers, displaying product and planned hours of operations plus modes of service.

Roach said the shop would have an entrance or foyer where staff would check identification to make sure customers are 21 or older. The shop would also have a camera.

Products would be displayed in locked glass cases, he said, with nothing out for customers to physically touch. In addition to that precaution, no product would be offered to customers until identification has been checked and payment received.

The planned hours of operation are 9 or 10 a.m. until 8 p.m., seven days a week, Roach said. He hoped the shop could offer curbside service, which Atlantic Farms started offering in the Portland shop during COVID-19.

Richards asked how the company would make sure customers were old enough to purchase the product when offering curbside service.

Roach said Atlantic Farms has an existing policy in place to handle this. Each curbside order has a first and last name, address and phone number attached, which must be matched to identification.

Additionally, the store will be physically checking ID each time a person visits, he said, even if the person is a returning customer.

Roach said he hopes the new store will be ready to open between February and April of 2023.

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