CAMDEN – Heading into the holiday weekend, a winter storm brought heavy rain and high winds to the Midcoast area Dec. 23. The National Weather Service had warnings in place until the early hours of Dec. 24 for wind and flood watches.

In Camden, after an astronomical high tide went out, remnants of the debris and damage left behind could be seen along the pathway of Camden Harbor Park. Seaweed, broken boards, and toppled benches littered the pathways and bush areas.

The astronomical high tide caused high water levels, and left behind debris and scattered benches when the tide receded. Photo by Holly Vanorse Spicer

Not all of the snow that the Camden Snow Bowl has been busy making this season has been washed away; the main trail down to the lodge still had a reasonable amount of snow remaining. However, Hosmer Pond’s waters were lapping the parking spots along the boat launch, and nearly touching Barnestown Road in some locations. The wind caused the water to white cap, and the broken ice pieces sounded like small windchimes as they crashed together.

Several towns in the Knox County area had lost power throughout the day as trees had fallen on lines. Molyneaux Road near the intersection of Hope Road was closed off to traffic when a large tree came across the road and a line.

As of 8 a.m. on Dec. 24 Central Maine Power’s Outage List reported that 1,392 Camden residents were without power. In Rockport, 827 homes are listed without power.

In Rockport, the pier at the landing sustained damage with the high tide’s strong waves in the morning hours Friday.

A high wind, and several flood warnings remain in place from the National Weather Service until 2 a.m. on Dec. 24. Photo by Holly Vanorse Spicer