A well-deserved shout-out is in order for the postal three, Amy, Anne-Marie and Joseph at the Rockport Post Office. With the added burden of the Camden office closure, compounded by the usual Christmas rush, the demand on this little post office and its crew has been extraordinary.

A recent logjam of cars stopped on Union Street waiting for the next parking lot vacancy, with a long line of patrons waiting for counter service in the lobby resulted in an overwhelming demand on the time and talents of the postal three. Unbelievably, as I wended my way through the throng to pick up my mail, I heard a couple of impatient customers in the line grousing to each other about the “incompetence of the post office.”

I know it is au current to proclaim dissatisfaction with the U.S. Postal Service. However, this gripe was wholly undeserved, and I couldn’t resist a gentle admonishment to the offending patrons based upon the conditions described above.

Unlike private industry, there are no Christmas bonuses in the U.S.P.S. world – but if ever a case for such was to be made, the Rockport postal three set the standard. Thank you!

Ralph (Doc) Wallace