ROCKLAND — A 45-year-old Waldoboro woman arrested Monday for operating under the influence and possession of drugs was stopped by police soon after she had left the Knox County courthouse on a different matter.

Michelle Heald was arrested Monday, Dec. 19 at 2 p.m. by Rockland police after they were notified by a court employee that the woman appeared impaired and noticed she was driving a vehicle when she left the courthouse, Deputy District Attorney Christopher Fernald said during a Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 21 hearing at the courthouse.

Rockland police responded and noticed the vehicle she was driving was traveling erratically. The officers stopped her and gave a field sobriety test. While no alcohol was found in her system, an officer trained in drug recognition determined she was under the influence.

Heald was arrested for operating under the influence, according to Rockland police. During the investigation and arrest, officers located pills she claimed were prescribed Adderall but were suspected to be fentanyl and/or methamphetamine.

She was charged and booked into the Knox County Jail in Rockland for operating under the influence, violating conditions of release and two counts of unlawful trafficking of scheduled drugs. The district attorney’s office filed a formal criminal complaint in court on Dec. 21, charging her with felony possession of drugs rather than trafficking.

Judge John Martin set bail at $250 cash and require that she wear a GPS monitor and be placed under house arrest. The prosecutor had asked for the woman to be held without bail but said if the court was going to allow her to have bail that it be a higher cash amount along with the monitor and house arrest.

Heald had been out on bail on a pending assault case.