WALDOBORO — The door to a men’s room at Medomak Valley High School in Waldoboro was removed following multiple safety concerns. The school principal said students can use a different bathroom and those inside still have privacy.

A Wednesday, Dec. 7 post from Elizabeth Lowell to the Facebook group “What’s New Waldoboro” brought attention to the situation.

“Parents of MVHS students who use the men’s restroom at school should be aware that the school has removed this restroom door… With the door removed, everyone walking past has full view of the urinals,” Lowell wrote.

In a Thursday, Dec. 8 email to The Courier-Gazette, Principal Linda Pease confirmed the door had been removed, but said students still had privacy in that restroom and they could choose to utilize a different bathroom.

“Its removal was due to safety concerns including vandalism, altercations, and vaping in an attempt to provide a safer place where a student who simply needed to use the bathroom could do so without issue,” Pease said. She said there were no plans to remove any other bathroom doors, and students had been told this.

A wall inside the bathroom still offered privacy from the hallway even without the door, Pease added, and there were multiple other bathrooms, including multi-use bathrooms like that one, which students could use if the lack of a door made them feel uncomfortable.

This bathroom door had been removed in the past a number of times as well, Pease said.