The following deed transfers were recorded from Nov. 24, 2022, through Nov. 30, 2022, at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.

Donald P. Palmer, Gayle E. Palmer to Gayle E. Palmer.
Kari E. Phillips, Khalid Muslih to Eastway Escape LLC.
Michael A. Valente, Kathleen A. Valente to Jan Urik Leth, Ariel Hall.
Shelley Lee Peran to Maryann Constance Scannell, Christine Louise Truglia, Carol Ann Defrocia, Kim Denise Peran, Tiffanie D. Neal.
Gerald J. Opiela Trust, Gerald J. Opiela Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust to Ulrike B. Wolter Trust, Geoffrey M. Duyk Trust, Duyk Wolter Family Trust, Dated December 16, 2000.
Camden RXL LLC to Colcord Avenue Holdings LLC.

John Matheson, Charyl Haversat Matheson to Charyl Haversat Matheson Trust, John Matheson Trust, Haversat Matheson Property Trust.
Timothy Kadish to Robert Allwarden, Karyn Camplin.
Norman H. Deruiter to Michael Wilcox, Jolean Wilcox.

William Farrar Blackmore, Jennifer Banash to Charles Jay Darwin.
Christopher H. Wilson to Joshua D. Gill, Marlowe H. Gill.
Jay Leech, Becca Swan to Jay Leech, Becca Swan.

Owls Head
Clara B. Mason to Shannon Landwehr.

Lawrence A. Brooks, Kay F. Brooks to Robert T. Dreher, Larry Goforth, Andrew St. Clair.
Knox Bros Inc., Knox Brothers Inc. to QV Realty LLC.
Timothy M. Landry to Donna Venette, Steven M. Venette.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Barbara Sellers, Gail Ritzert.
Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Frances Moore, Michael Maiscalco.
Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Claire Olson Crocker, Claire Olson Crocker, Lee Crocker.
Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Susan Donner, Francis Donner.
R. Chase Lasbury Est., Ralph Chase Lasbury Est. to Rebecca L. Doehla, Shanua L. Lasbury, Deborah L. Cummings.
Francis E. Holdgate to Melanie P. Mchugh, Harris C. Tobey.

South Thomaston
Fred Lewis Strout Est. to Linda Godfrey Strout Est.
Michael L. Edgecomb, Karen M. Edgecomb to Cheryl Q. Havener Trust.

St. George
Mcnaboe Ventures Inc. to Kinney Woods LLC.
John C. Hollicker, John C. Hollicker Trust, Kathryn L. Hollicker Trust, Kathryn L. Hollicker and John C. Hollicker Living Trust, Kathryn L. Hollicker to Blue Cupcake LLC.

Katherine Velek Trust, Karen M. Wincapaw Irrevocable Trust to Julia Haskell.
Jacqueline I. Curran, Jacqueline Washburn to Thomas F. Klis.
Robert E. Short, Jeanne V. Short to Christina T. Muse, John D. Ashby.

Sarah Ortiz, Sarah Tarbox to Shawn Steeves, Kelli L. Steeves, Jesse D. Steeves, Jayden H. Steeves.
Gary Larson, Sally A. Larson to Tyler S. Creighton, Hilary K. Creighton.

Larry E. Coombs to Roberta C. Bowman.
Larry E. Coombs to Molly Zubik, Michael Zubik.
Roberta C. Bowman to Michael Zubik, Molly Zubik.

Leland E. Boggs III to Boggs Homes Inc.
Nicole Payson to Nicole Payson, Michel R. Robinson.
Ivan Averill Hill Est., Ivan A Hill Est. to Keith A. Hill, Keith Hill, Andrew R. Hill, Andrew Hill.
George Leonard to Steven Allen Davis, Meghan Jayne Davis.