Waldoboro police blotter

Waldoboro is one of the few towns in the area that has a police department, but no published police blotter. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s report doesn’t cover it either because cases are generally deferred to the local police.

Having police news is a good way of letting townspeople know the services they are getting for their tax dollars, as well as keeping people updated on where accidents and crimes are occurring. Transparency is always a good thing. It isn’t about who is getting a speeding ticket or who has been arrested for the sake of gossip, but rather to give people information that could help inform decisions.

As an example, while most people realize that locking doors or having security cameras is an added layer of protection, there have been some more mischievous activities such as opening gates allowing livestock to wander out of their field. The only way anyone really knows is via social media, and those who care for farms are often not online a lot to read such things. Damage has been created by turning on faucets, and, of course, there are thefts as well. Recently one item stolen was an oxen yoke. That is a limited-use item and perhaps if news of its theft were published in a police blotter, more people would have been on the lookout for it.

Speaking of social media, the local authorities in Waldoboro use it some, which is wonderful, but information is spotty. One recent example would be pictures of a car in the Medomak River after going in the water at the public landing. There was never a follow–up about it being removed, or how it happened and if any fuel leaked — the fuel issue being of concern to several residents who make their living on the river. Another was a notice that Washington Road was back open, but it was never posted that it closed or why.

Both the break-in and accident information help residents to see patterns. An SUV flipped on Jefferson Street because of icy roads. Residents who live on the road or travel it often said that a section of the road near Mill Street is frequently iced over because of runoff from local driveways. That is good information to know, and hopefully people will slow down and be more cautious.

It is interesting to see the differing points of view on social media. Some people think that the intersection of Main Street with Jefferson and Friendship is not a problem, while others dislike the fact that visibility is poor if entering from either crossroad, particularly if cars are parked on any of the corners. A police blotter would help inform residents about how many accidents truly do happen at that intersection. The town has asked DOT to address it, but without success.

If Waldoboro residents had a better idea of how many accidents are occurring in town at the various intersections, perhaps drivers may choose to be more cautious. That could be wishful thinking, but right now it is pretty rare for any kind of accident in Waldoboro to be explained anywhere but with local chatter, even some involving injuries. The transparency would actually reduce to the gossip as residents would know that they will find out in an upcoming police blotter.

Around Town

Christmas gifts are being collected and distributed to about 50 families in Waldoboro. The town office has taken a different approach and created a Sign Up Genius at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c094ea4ae2ea2fdc61-waldoboro where people can see what gifts are requested and still needed. Items should be delivered by Dec. 12 to give the elves some time to plan and distribute.

Santa visits the Waldoboro Public Library

Is Santa an elf? Children will have to read a few books and decide for themselves, but the jolly old gentleman will make an appearance at the Waldoboro Public Library on Saturday, Dec. 10, from 10 a.m. to noon. He will happily listen to holiday wishes.

Book shop sale

Some families make giving books a big part of their holiday tradition. The Village Book Shop is offering half-priced fiction and young adult gently used books. The hours are 10 a.m.-1 p.m. on Thursday-Saturday, and Sundays 11 a.m.-2 p.m. The shop is across from the laundromat downtown on Friendship Road.

Fiber Farm year-end sale

Anyone wishing to get gifts, yarn or gift certificates from TLC Fiber Farm, an alpaca rescue, should visit the shop on Horscents Lane before they close for the year on Dec. 15, and re-open in March.

Food pantry fundraiser

The Waldoboro Food Pantry is having a fundraising campaign on Facebook. The pantry extends it gratitude to Cumler and Lynch, the Waldoboro Business Park, Wooden Screen Door Co., Dow Furniture, First National Bank, Hillside Collision and Rockland Savings Bank for helping with the Giving Challenge. All support is welcome and stays local.