The Knox County Food Council (KCFC) is hosting a community conversation at the next KCFC monthly meeting, on Tuesday, Dec. 13, at 5 p.m. This virtual Zoom event is open to everyone free of charge.

The KCFC’s 2023 planning, a result of several meetings over the last couple of months, has identified a group consensus around the importance of centering the voice of the recipient in food security efforts.

Lorain Francis, KCFC Chair said, “Centering the voice of the recipient is the best way to ensure that all of our food security efforts are headed in the right direction, using the best strategies, and creating the best results and the most effective long-term impacts for the people we serve.”

The upcoming monthly meeting is seeking feedback from community partners, members, supporters and interested parties to help identify how all agencies and organizations can best work together to highlight the voice of the recipient in the KCFC’s work, separately and collectively. This may include identifying strategies to gather useful data from this population; to communicate the strengths and weaknesses of our current system as described by those who have experienced food insecurity; and to determine the improvement and solutions that are most needed.

There are resources online to learn about lived experience and its value and the KCFC encourages partners with a few minutes to explore some of those resources to support any social change efforts you may be assisting either in your professional work, personal efforts, or both.

To register for this event and receive the Zoom link for the upcoming meeting, please visit For more information or with any questions about the meeting itself, please contact Aldermere Farms’ Joelle Albury, who is also a Knox County Food Council Steering Committee member, at

Knox County Food Council is a community-based coalition that formed in 2019 to promote a more resilient food system in Knox County, Maine. For more information about KCFC, visit