ROCKLAND — The City Council will consider next week whether to issue a one-time waiver for a cruise ship to exceed the passenger limit.

The Council is scheduled to vote at its Monday, Dec. 12 meeting to waive the 3,000 passenger cap for cruise ships that come into Rockland in September and October one time for the Emerald Princess. The ship is scheduled to arrive in Rockland Harbor in mid-September 2023.

The Council approved the cap in an order in August 2018. There is also a limit of six trips during those two months for cruise ships of more than 500 passengers. Five ships are already scheduled for next fall. The larger ships are not allowed to disembark passengers at the public landing during the rest of the year.

The Emerald Princess can carry up to 3,577 passengers.

Interim Harbormaster Molly Eddy said the visit would generate $35,000 in revenues for the city. The city charges $10 per passenger for cruise ships.

“I think it is in Rockland’s best interest to issue the waiver,” Eddy said. “There’s a lot of deferred maintenance.”

She said a large float broke when it was being taken out of the water this fall.

Eddy said the three members of the Harbor Management Commission who attended the most recent meeting were in favor of the one-time waiver.