BATH — Oceanside of Rockland and Medomak Valley of Waldoboro prepared for the regular season with their annual trek to the longstanding preseason Westlake Tournament and the Mariners led the Midcoast charge with a second-place finish and crowned two individual champions.

Twin siblings Maddie Ripley (113 pounds) and Gavin Ripley (138) finished first in their weight divisions for Oceanside.

Individually, Oceanside finished with two firsts, two thirds and two fourths, while the Panthers secured a second, third and fourth.

The team scores were: Windham/Gray-New Gloucester/Westbrook 118, Oceanside 99, York 83, Cony of Augusta/Messalonskee of Oakland 76, Nokomis of Newport 74, Mount Blue of Farmington 63, Lawrence of Fairfield 55, Bonny Eagle of Standish 54.5, Medomak Valley 48, Skowhegan 47, Lincoln Academy of Newcastle 45.5, Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield 38.5, Mount Ararat of Topsham/Brunswick 37, Gardiner 34, Winslow 29, Sacopee Valley 16 and Spruce Mountain of Jay, Lisbon of Lisbon Falls/Oak Hill of Wales and Waterville no score.

The individual results for the Mariners and Panthers were:

106 pounds — Nathan Staples, Med, pinned Nikolai Hall, MtA/Brun, at 2:29; pinned Ayden Toothacker, Cony/Mess, at 1:15; and was pinned by Preston Garland, MtB, at 2:30 in the championship final. Staples finished second.

Austin White-Ortiz, Ocean, pinned Kit Anthony, York, at 1:37; lost by major decision to Preston Garland, MtB, 13-0; pinned Kaden Webster, Mor, at 2:55; and pinned Kit Anthony, York, at 1:28 in the consolation final. White-Ortiz finished third.

113 pounds — Maddie Ripley, Ocean, pinned Terryn Shields, Skow, at 0:41; pinned Addison Leger, Wolf, at 0:29; and pinned Stryker Fraser, Nok, at 0:44 in the championship final. Ripley finished first.

120 pounds — Phoenix Martinez, Ocean, lost to Noah Krzystofiak, MtB, 5-0; beat Les Ridley, Cony/Mess, 9-4; pinned Miller Foss, Skow, at 1:00; and beat Adam St. Cyr, LA, 7-2, in the consolation final. Martinez finished third.

Colby Benner, Med, pinned Audrey Hamlin, Gard, at 0:38; was pinned by Ayden Cofone, Wolf, at 0:52; pinned Lilly LeBell, MtA/Brun, at 0:52; and was pinned by Adam St. Cyr, LA, at 2:45.

126 pounds — Mariah Young, Med, was pinned by Ben Corriveau, Wolf, at 3:20 in a pigtail match.

132 pounds — Nathan Legere, Med, was pinned by Zach Poland, LA, at 0:30 in a pigtail match.

138 pounds — Gavin Ripley, Ocean, beat Zack Nelson, BE, 5-0; pinned Alissa Caltagirone, York, at 2:29; and won by major decision over Kyle Doody, Gard, 13-3, in the championship final. Ripley finished first.

Zach Steeves, Med, was pinned by Zack Nelson, BE, at 0:33 in a pigtail match.

145 pounds — Shamus Pease, Med, lost to Jacob Cote, Nok, 6-0, in a pigtail match.

Jacob Barstow, Ocean, was pinned by Ashton Darling, Law, at 2:06 in a pigtail match.

152 pounds — Grady Pease, Med, beat Liam Schleis-Hooyman, Con/Mess, 8-5, in a pigtail match; was pinned by Caden Trask, Win, at 3:53; and was pinned by Steve Galkowski, MtB, at 3:15.

170 pounds — Joseph Brown, Ocean, pinned Nick Heberline, Mor, at 2:20 in a pigtail match; lost to Cole Darling, Law, 4-2; pinned Broddik Bimpson, Win, at 0:58; pinned Aaron Ruby, MtA/Brun, at 1:01; and was pinned by Cole Darling, Law, at 1:20 in the consolation final. Brown finished fourth.

182 pounds — Kael Sidelinger, Ocean, pinned Dakota Ayel, MtA/Brun, at 0:43; was pinned by Tate Kuhn, York, at 4:40; beat Justin Keene, BE, 7-3; and won by major decision over Jaxen Wiegand, Win, 14-6, in the consolation final. Sidelinger finished third.

Cole Bales, Med, beat Gabe Belanger, Cony/Mess, 12-11, in a pigtail match; was pinned by Tate Kuhn, York, at 0:47; and was pinned by Dakota Ayel, MtA/Brun, at 1:25.

195 pounds — Michael Matthews, Ocean, pinned Blake Simineau, Spruce, at 1:43; was pinned by Kaiden Veilleux, Con/Mess, at 0:36; and was pinned by Blake Gamage, LA, at 1:00.

220 pounds — Marshall Addy, Med, pinned Gage Gross, Nok; lost to Ashton Day, Sacopee, 6-3; pinned Junius Pope, Wolf, at 0:39; and pinned Gage Gross, Nok, at 0:41 in the consolation final. Addy finished third.

Max Crute, Ocean, was pinned by Junius Pope, Wolf, at 1:46 in a pigtail match.

285 pounds — Nathan Gess, Med, pinned Emily Morgan, Gard, at 0:17; was pinned by Kobe Butters, Skow, at 1:37; pinned Magnus Doucette, BE, at 0:25; and was pinned by Griffin Moreau, Wolf, at 1:08 in the consolation final. Gess finished fourth.

Takuma Steinberger, Ocean, beat Eric Richmond, LA, 7-5, in a pigtail match; was pinned by Kobe Butters, Skow, at 1:40; pinned Emily Morgan, Gard, at 0:26; and was pinned by Griffin Moreau, Wolf, at 0:45.

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