ROCKLAND — The Knox County Commissioners agreed Thursday to increase the base pay for the sheriff in 2023.

Commissioners voters 2-1 (Chair Dorothy Meriwether and Sharyn Pohlman in support and Rick Parent opposed) to set the base salary at $120,000 for 2023. The decision came after a 33-minute closed-door executive session to discuss personnel as is allowed by state law.

“The County must do what is necessary to retain our valued employees, particularly our Sheriff,” Meriwether said Thursday afternoon, Dec. 1 after the meeting.

Sheriff Patrick Polky’s pay is currently paid $101,818, the same as received by former Sheriff Tim Carroll who resigned July 8 to become Rockland’s police chief. Polky had served as chief deputy under Carroll and was then appointed by Gov. Janet Mills to serve out the remainder of Carroll’s term that expires Dec. 31.

Polky was elected without opposition on Nov. 8 to a four-year term.

The sheriff oversees both the patrol division and the Knox County Jail. The patrol is proposed to have an annual budget of $3.1 million in 2023 and the jail is proposed to have an annual budget of $5.8 million for 2023.

A 2022 survey of the salaries of sheriffs in Maine range from a low of $75,338 in Washington County to a high of $120,606 in York County. Chief Carroll makes $115,000.

Knox County Sheriff Patrick Polky was sworn into office on Aug. 1. Photo by Stephen Betts