“The quality of mercy is not strained/…It is twice blessed/ It blesses him that gives and him that receives.” — William Shakespeare, “The Merchant of Venice.”

Last Thursday, the spirit of Thanksgiving (mercy, compassion and community) was expressed at the Rockland Community Thanksgiving Dinner. This was the first sit-down Thanksgiving meal in two years.

We would like to thank St. Peter’s Episcopal Church for providing the kitchen and dining hall; Ginger Lane and the Riley School for baking all the pies, mashed potatoes and all the squash; Marty Rogers for donating and cooking two turkeys, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and stuffing; Lael Sorenson for donating and cooking two turkeys; Denise Anderson for cooking four turkeys; Pam Barton for cooking a turkey, Pen Bay Medical Center for donating five turkeys; the Van Lonkhuyzen family for making mashed potatoes; Elena Leigh donated potatoes and stuffing; Debra Taylor for making the table arrangements and team aprons; and (of course) Barbara Shay for donating two decks of playing cards (you had to be there to know the importance of this).

It would not have been as successful (84 sit-down guests and 35 take-out meals were served) without the help of the numerous volunteers who helped. RCTD would like to thank the volunteers who helped make the Rockland Thanksgiving Community Dinner at great success: Kerry Altiero, Denise Anderson, Rod Artz, Chris Barkac, Pam/David Barton, Janet/Randy Bouchard, Phoebe Carlson, Cara/Bob Celona, Jane Chatfield, Sam/Sarah Cotton, Joe/Jake/Rebecca Cox, Julia/Patricia Earnest, John Eastman, Sherry Frazier, Phillip Gerard, Georgia Green, Lousie MacLellan-Ruf, Maureen/George Ostensen, Francis Ranlett, Paul Rogers, Barbara Shay, Debbie Taylor, Lisa Thomas and Scott Tilton.

If we left anyone out, we apologize. It is wonderful to live in a caring community.

Ron Staschak