ORONO — On Saturday, Dec. 10, at 7 p.m., the Versant Power Astronomy Center and Jordan Planetarium on the University of Maine campus present “Meditations on Perihelion,” a live performance by Tom Luther of original electronic music and immersive visuals on the planetarium’s dome screen.

Tom Luther Courtesy MCMA

The “Meditations” are a multi-sensory experience that invites audience members to contemplate and reflect on the dark quietude of the Winter Solstice, the darkest time of the year and the moment when the Earth is closest to the Sun.

For some in the audience it can be a meditation, for others an active listening and perceptual experience. This event invites listeners to sink and settle into an evolving musical and visual experience.

The music, conceived and performed by Luther, is inspired and informed by the changes in the Earth’s orbit from Equinox to Winter Solstice. While falling into the general category of “Ambient” or “Space” music, Luther has drawn on his experience as an improviser, composer and pianist to extend at the conventions of the genre.

In pieces such as “Kepler” and “Precession,” Luther explores the seasonal passage of time. Melodies are reordered and recombined against a background of punctuating rhythms. “Skywheel” takes inspiration from the stillness of winter and presents a slowly evolving and meditative soundscape ornamented by melodic fragments mimicking birdsong. “Analema” contemplates the idea of infinity through fractal imagery and overlapping and pulsing rhythmic patterns.

The visuals are being curated by planetarium director Shawn Laatsch and are a combination of imagery from the European Southern Observatory, real time astronomy scripts, as well as abstract animations. Luther and Laatsch have worked in a collaborative process using feedback loops of musical and visual ideas.

Luther is a sound artist who also teaches piano, composition and digital music at Midcoast Music Academy in Rockport.

The planetarium is located at 167 Rangeley St. Admission is $10. Tickets are available at astro.umaine.edu or by calling 207-581-1341.