LINCOLNVILLE — At the Nov. 28 Select Board meeting, board members authorized Town Administrator David Kinney to sign a warrant for a special town meeting to request funding for several projects.

The meeting began with a unanimous vote to change code enforcement office hours on a six-month trial basis. The new code enforcement hours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and on Fridays from 5:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Board members discussed a series of projects that require funding, or additional funding, to be completed.

Voters will be asked for additional funding for resurfacing the tennis courts at the Lincolnville Central School, repairing mechanical systems in the Town Office, repairing floats at Breezemere Park, and installing two electronic vehicle charging stations.

Current funding for resurfacing the tennis courts is $2,491 short of the bid submitted by Vermont Tennis Court Resurfacing, the low bidder in the project. The bid includes resurfacing the courts, painting net posts, and painting lines for four pickleball courts. Kinney advised the board to avoid making up the difference by dipping into contingency funds.

“I wouldn’t recommend you use contingency for (tennis court resurfacing,” Kinney said. “It’s not of an emergency nature and, given the other items on the agenda that include dollars, I think it’s best to go to the special town meeting and ask the voters.”

The board then authorized Kinney to sign a warrant for a special town meeting to ask voters to cover the shortfall.

The bid is good for 90 days and Kinney expressed confidence that a special town meeting could be held before the deadline.

Turning to the repair items, Kinney explained that a leak in the Town Office led to the discovery of several systems in disrepair. The town has been advised to replace piping and a hot water tank. Kinney said the cost of those replacements are being researched, adding that there is no funding available for the replacements. The board voted to add this item to the special town meeting warrant.

The board took a similar approach to repairing floats at Breezemere Park. While the floats themselves are solidly constructed and functional, some work on the wooden portions of the floats will be necessary. The cost of these repairs was also moved to the special town meeting warrant.

The final item sent to the special town meeting was a grant opportunity for two electronic vehicle charging stations. If received, the grant would cover a significant portion of the cost of the EV stations, which could be programmed to allow the town to charge for their use. The grant would also incur some upfront costs that are currently unfunded. The board voted to get the grant application process rolling and to place any upfront costs on the special town meeting warrant. All agreed that more information was necessary before proceeding with the installation of the EV stations.

“I’d like to see more information on this,” said board member Steve Hand. “We don’t know all the details at the moment. We need to find out what’s covered, what’s not covered. I’m all for moving forward with this, but we’ll need to get more clarity.”

The board voted to send the issue to the special town meeting.

The Select Board also heard from Nick Heal, chair of the Harbor Committee. Heal advised that the committee was recommending an 8.7% rate increase in fees for the coming year, noting the increase mirrored the inflation rate.

Kinney was also authorized to sign a grant agreement from the Heart & Soul Committee to accept a $10,000 grant to assist the Comprehensive Plan Review Committee.

The next meeting of the Lincolnville Select Board will be Dec. 12.