ROCKLAND — A 41-year-old local man was sentenced Monday to at least 18 months in the Waldo County Re-entry Center after pleading guilty to a series of domestic violence offenses and violating conditions of his release numerous times by contacting the victim.

Tobya Rounds

Tobya Rounds — who has addresses listed in court papers from Rockland, Union and Appleton — was sentenced Nov. 28 in the Knox County Court. Justice Jeffrey Hjelm accepted the sentence agreement reached between the defense and district attorney’s office.

The agreement calls for Rounds to spend 18 months at the Re-entry Center in Belfast. If he succeeds at the programming during his 18 months there, he will be sentenced on a final charge to three-and-a-half years in prison all suspended to be followed by two years of probation.

Deputy District Attorney Christopher Fernald pointed out during the hearing that the victim was in agreement with the sentence. The woman spoke during the hearing said she fears of losing her life at the hands of Rounds. She said she has lost her sense of security because of his violence.

Rounds pleaded guilty to two counts of domestic violence assault, domestic violence criminal threatening, domestic violence terrorizing, and six counts of violating conditions of release. The case that remains open until after the Re-Entry Center part of the sentence is complete is a felony charge of reckless violation of a protective order.

Justice Hjelm called the agreement a very thoughtful approach, noting that the overall sentence is five years of which he will serve 18 months upfront. If Rounds does not complete the re-entry program successfully or violates probation after his release, he faces an additional three-and-a-half years more in jail.

“You endangered the people you have cared for,” Hjelm said.

The offenses occurred throughout the first half of 2022 — in February, March, April and May.