CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Megunticook Rowing competed in the Head of the Charles Regatta on Sunday, Oct. 21-23 on the Charles River.

In the Women’s Grand Master Doubles event, Polly Saltonstall and Stephanie Lash finished 12th among 18 boats in 22:30.615, which accomplished their time goal. They beamed with excitement, as they high-fived everyone as they carried their boat up the dock, said Olivia Goodwin-Cook, director and head coach.

From left, Megunticook Rowing’s Barbara Krementz, Meredith Currier, Evan Waters, Mark McAllister, Leslie Forand, Sarah Kuhn, Paul Gill, Don Seales and Olivia Goodwin-Cook. Photo courtesy of Sport Graphics

In the Directors’ Challenge Mixed Doubles event, Don Seales and Meg Webb finished 39th among 44 boats. “They were steering a perfect course until another crew tried to pass them under the Eliot Bridge, hitting them and then pushing them into the bushes on the Cambridge side,” Olivia Goodwin-Cook said. They recovered quickly and finished strong in the last 500 meters in 23:47.995.

In the Women’s Youth Fours event, the girls varsity four, coxed by Sofia Howell, placed 73rd among 90 boats. “With face paint and glitter smeared across their faces, the girls tore across the course,” Olivia Goodwin-Cook said, and finished in 20:49.640.

Megunticook Rowing’s Don Seales, left, and Meg Webb. Photo courtesy of Sport Graphics

In the Men’s Youth Fours event, the boys varsity four, coxed by Aaron Dowd, placed 77th among 90 boats. “With their game faces on and heads in the boat,” Olivia Goodwin-Cook said, the boys finished in 18:59.826.

In the Directors’ Challenge Mixed Eight, coxed by Olivia Goodwin-Cook, the Megunticook Rowing boat finished 33rd among 35 in 21:13.592. This was the stroke seat, Don Seales’, 15th time competing in the Head and this was his first time competing in two events over the weekend event, Olivia Goodwin-Cook said. This also was seven seat, Paul Gill’s, and four seat, Mark McAllister’s, first time competing in a regatta.

From left, Megunticook Rowing’s Dominic Piconi, Cabot Adams, Tristan Strong, Connor Howland and Aaron Dowd Photo courtesy of Sport Graphics

Megunticook Rowing will take a break from competing for the winter and will restart in the 2023 spring season.

Megunticook Rowing Women’s Double: S: Polly Saltonstall; and B: Stephanie Lash.

Megunticook Rowing Mixed Double: S: Don Seales; and B: Meg Webb.

Megunticook Rowing’s Polly Saltonstall, left, and Stephanie Lash. Photo courtesy of Sport Graphics

Megunticook Rowing Women’s Youth Four: C: Sofia Howell; S: Maggie Gill; 3: Laura Riordan; 2: Flora Gurdon; and B: Adella Brainerd.

Megunticook Rowing Men’s Youth Four: C: Aaron Dowd; S: Dominic Piconi; 3: Cabot Adams; 2: Tristan Strong; and B: Connor Howland.

Megunticook Rowing Mixed Eight: C: Olivia Goodwin-Cook; S: Don Seales; 7: Paul Gill; 6: Sarah Kuhn; 5: Leslie Forand; 4: Mark McAllister; 3: Evan Waters; 2: Maggie Gill; and B: Barbara Krementz.

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