ROCKLAND — The Rockland Harbor Management Commission had a lengthy agenda to go through Tuesday night, including where a scone food trailer should be located, how to deal with delinquent mooring owners and a proposed partnership between a cruise ship company and the city.

At the Nov. 22 meeting, the Commission ended up not taking any action on the proposal by The Scone Goddess to locate a food trailer at Snow Marine Park next year for two days a week from April through October. No action was taken because the Commission did not have a quorum to take a vote.

Scone Goddess has a shop at 1390 Atlantic Highway (Route 1) in Northport. Kate Clark will be managing The Scone Goddess Fresh Baked Scones trailer that seeks to be open two days a week to start at Snow Marine Park.

Virginia Noble, who lives on Mechanic Street across from Snow Marine Park, questioned why the city was considering food vendors at the park. She said food trucks should be at Buoy Park where others are located. She said Snow Marine Park is mainly for boat launching.

Noble said she pays a lot of taxes and does not want the view to be affected by food trucks. She also contended that the city should generate more revenues by charging commercial haulers who use the boat launching facilities.

She also said that a food truck would generate more vehicle traffic to Mechanic Street, which already gets a lot of traffic from use of the park and from the Rockland Marine shipyard.

Clark told Harbor Commission members that the only city places available for food trucks were Buoy Park, which is filled, Johnson Memorial Park (at Chickawaukie Lake), and Snow Marine Park. The charge for Snow Marine Park is less and she expects to serve the people in the boating community who use that park.

The Commission also discussed what to do with owners of moorings who have not paid their annual mooring fees to the city. Assistant Harbormaster Molly Eddy said there are several delinquent mooring owners. Harbor Commission members pointed out there is a legal process in which first and second notices have to be given before the moorings can be considered abandoned property.

There are about 30 delinquent moorings out of a field of about 600.

Eddy said that if the mooring spaces become available, she would recommend shifting moorings that would be displaced by the expansion of Safe Harbor Marinas to these vacant locations. About 16 moorings are expected to be displaced by the marina expansion.

Partnership with cruise ship company

The Commission also discussed briefly a proposal by American Cruise Lines to become partners with the city to upgrade the public landing.

Members expressed little support for the proposal. Commission member Sam Ladley said he was “flat out against” relinquishing any control of the harbor facilities.

The cruise line wants a 20-year agreement with set docking fees in exchange for making a capital investment for the docks when the re-development of Harbor Park occurs. The cruise line made a presentation to the Commission in July. The proposal would not give the cruise line exclusive right to a dock but would give them first priority when they are in port.

Two of their ships have regularly visited the city but three are planned next season, generally May through October.

The Rockland City Council has not discussed the proposal. The plan has been put on the back burner until the Harbor Redevelopment Plan is done and Council decides what they want the future of the Harbor to look like.