THOMASTON — The Thomaston Planning Board approved part two of the development at 200 New County Road, which will now include a Jersey Mike’s as well as the planned Starbucks with a drive-thru.

This second phase was approved at the board’s Tuesday, Nov. 15 meeting. Phase one was approved June 21, though at that time only Starbucks was confirmed for the space.

Jersey Mike’s is a submarine sandwich shop that has seen a flurry of expansion in Maine since the first one opened in 2020 in Scarborough. There are currently locations in Auburn, Bangor, Brunswick, Scarborough and Windham.

According to the Jersey Mike’s website, four more shops are scheduled to open soon in Augusta, Saco, Westbrook and Topsham.

Katie Olyha of Stonefield Engineering and Design in Salem, Mass., presented the plans. Olyha is the civil engineer working with Thomaston Retail Management, the limited liability company purchasing the land.

The proposed development, which will be located between Applebee’s and Dunkin’ on New County Road, has space for three shops.

The Starbucks, which will include a drive-thru and a 490-square-foot outside fenced-in patio area, will occupy 2,466 square feet.

Jersey Mike’s is slated to occupy the middle shop space, which is 1,600 square feet.

The final retail space is 4,000 square feet and does not have a confirmed tenant yet. Olyha said the company would alert the municipality as soon as they knew the final tenant.

The initial design plans include 46 parking spaces.

Olyha said the company was working with the owner of the solar farm which abuts the property to allow access.

Planning Board Chair Joanne Richards said the access must include a security gate to prevent people from trespassing and being injured or causing damage.

Select Board member Zel Bowman-Laberge attended the meeting and spoke about pedestrian safety concerns for that intersection.

Bowman-Laberge pointed out there is currently no crosswalk at that intersection, meaning there is no safe way to move in and out of the site as a pedestrian.

“Maybe it isn’t an ideal location for a drive-thru,” she said.

Richards said she was already planning to address pedestrian safety with Olyha. The town could not dictate that Thomaston Retail Management put a crosswalk at the intersection, she said, but they did strongly suggest it.

“It would be nice, and we would like it, if you could work with DOT to put in a crosswalk,” Richards said. “It’s something that the town would really like to see.”

Richards clarified there was recently a pedestrian fatality in Thomaston, so the Maine Department of Transportation may be receiving phone calls and letters about pedestrian safety concerns at that intersection.

The pedestrian was killed Nov. 2 while crossing Route One near Hampton Inn and Dorman’s Dairy Dream, very near the location of this development.

Thomaston Police Chief Tim Hoppe said Monday, Nov. 14 at the Select Board meeting a reenactment of the crash indicated there was no way the operator of the vehicle could see the pedestrian, and there was nothing the driver could have done to prevent the incident.

This was the second pedestrian fatality in the area in as many weeks. A pedestrian was killed in Rockland on Oct. 27.

Richards said the Planning Board would like a more detailed schematic of the Starbucks plan for the next meeting. She also mentioned she was really impressed by the landscaping plan.

Planning Board member Virginia Blanchard asked about the final tenant.

Olyha said she could not say for sure if the final tenant would be identified in time for the December Planning Board meeting.

Richards said people have been asking her about an Olive Garden moving in as the final tenant, and clarified this was not possible.

Richards said she contacted Olive Garden’s corporate office and was told any new restaurant would need to be at least one hour away from the nearest Olive Garden. That is Augusta, and Thomaston is slightly too close.

The final site plan review for the location is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 20.

Olyha said the intent is for construction to begin in spring of 2023.

A recording of the meeting can be viewed at:

The north side of the proposed development for 200 New County Road in Thomaston. While there are four store signs, there are only three shop spaces. Courtesy of Alrig, USA

All four sides of the proposed development for 200 New County Road in Thomaston. While there are multiple store signs placed in the design, there are only three retail spaces. Courtesy of Alrig, USA

An areal view of the project site at 200 New County Road. The site is located between Applebees and Dunkin’. Courtesy of Alrig, USA

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