WALDOBORO — Voters in Waldoboro passed all municipal warrant items for the election ending on Tuesday, Nov. 8, including interlocal agreements to provide emergency services and funding for various projects from a recent property sale.

The town reported 2,534 ballots cast in this election.

Voters authorized the Select Board to amend the interlocal agreement providing emergency medical services to Friendship and negotiate and enter into an interlocal agreement to provide emergency medical services to Jefferson.

Waldoboro and Friendship have been in an interlocal agreement to provide these services since March 2006.

Amending the Friendship agreement passed with 2,208 yes votes, 279 no votes and 47 blanks.

Entering into an agreement with Jefferson passed with 2,224 yes votes, 262 votes for no and 48 blanks.

Article 4 was broken into four questions regarding how the town will spend the funds from the sale of Friendship Street School.

The sale of Friendship Street School was completed in July, and the town reported $306,251.65 from that transaction and requested voter approval to allocate $102,500 from the sale for projects.

The appropriation of $15,000 to cap the concrete foundation of the former Sylvania site and create a natural grass area instead passed with 1,738 yes votes, 731 no votes and 65 blanks.

Voters authorized $60,000 to fund the replacement of the Elm Street culvert with 1,808 yes votes, 645 no votes and 81 blanks. The town will use this amount as matching funds to obtain a grant from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. The grant will provide $150,000 for a total of $210,000 for the project.

Replacing “Welcome to Waldoboro” signs on the north and south town lines passed but received the lowest number of votes with 1392 yes votes, 1082 no votes and 60 blanks. This article appropriated $7,500 to replace and update these two signs.

The final warrant article appropriated $20,000 to remove an invasive insect from the old-growth hemlocks in the Waldoboro Town Forest.

The hemlock woolly adelgid is an invasive insect that kills hemlock trees. This insect was detected in the hemlock stand within the town forest in May of 2021.

Maine is home to only 11 old-growth hemlock stands, and Waldoboro’s are some of the oldest in the state. Hemlock trees in the Waldoboro Town Forest are from 190 to 260 years old. Hemlock trees can live to 400 years in Maine.

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