WALDOBORO — The Medomak Valley High School girls junior varsity soccer team grew by leaps and bounds throughout the 2022 season as the troupe of 21 players learned many lessons on the pitch.

Led by coach Steph Williams, the Panthers prowled to a 4-1-5 record, which Williams was more than pleased with given the handful of first-year players who came out for this fall’s squad.

“Each one of the girls brought something different to the team this year, but, together as a whole, we worked hard and had a good time putting forth the effort,” the coach said. “We focused mostly on basic skills and possession which we will continue to do next year. They showed tremendous effort each and every day, and were a pleasure to watch.”

Panther team members included Rachel Richardson, Kierra Spradlin, Kira Bennett, Lilly Christ, Haley Blake, Sadie Knight, Julia Hynd, Erica Waite, Peyton Eaton, Chloe Fox, Aubrianna Adkins, Ashlyn Ward, Ryleigh Rainey, Devan Rainey, Emily Richards, Jaiden Ingram, Alanna Richards, Alexis Peters, Acadia Dinsmore, Lyra Puchalski and Colby Green.

Knight, Blake and Hynd scored two goals on the season and Richardson, Spradlin, Bennett and Christ one.

Williams said 4-1-5 is a solid overall mark, including the handful of ties, and “we progressed as the season went on. They showed improvement and had fun, and as a coach that’s all we can ask.”

“We had a good season over all and we are looking forward to what next season will bring.”

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