I would like to thank all those who attended the bipartisan “Happy Hour for Democracy” at Ada’s restaurant on Monday, Oct. 24, especially the candidates. They proved that people can still be civil, even when they represent radically different points of view. The event was designed to educate and introduce potential new voters to Knox County candidates, and to give them a chance to meet face-to-face and ask questions directly to those who seek their support. Representatives from the League of Women Voters provided all the information voters might need.

I want to especially thank Jennifer Rockwell of Ada’s for supporting the idea, and Jamie Spooner for her creative “Cheat Sheet” video which ran on a loop throughout the event. Her video showed each candidate’s top three issues to spur conversation and thoughtful questioning.

I also want to thank our two (brief) speakers. Knox County’s current State Senator, Dave Miramant, who has served the last eight years in the legislature in Maine, expressed the need for kindness, civility and working across the aisle; and Chuck Kruger, who served as many years as a State Representative stressed the part of the job he most enjoyed — constituent services!

Finally, I want to thank Louisa and the Kelly Brothers for providing the music which kept the evening lively and fun, and all of my wonderful volunteers who made the evening seamless and elicited the top concerns from all the attendees. I’m happy to tell you that worries about our world’s climate topped the list, as it should!

I urge everyone to take a bit of time to educate yourselves on what the various candidates stand for, and vote for your values!

Nancy Davis

Owls Head