ROCKPORT — Voters in Rockport heeded the unanimous recommendations of town leaders and approved all nine measures on the Nov. 8 ballot by huge margins.

Rockport voters also joined neighbors in Camden to overwhelmingly approve Question 1, a measure put on the ballot by the School Administrative District 28. It changes language in a budget voters passed in May. The vote was 2,686 to 416 in Camden, or 86.5 percent approval. In Rockport, it was 1,698 to 323, or 84 percent approval. It corrects the budget figure to read $17.9 million instead $13.9. The correction has no net effect on property taxes, according to officials at Five Town Community School District. The district encompasses Appleton, Camden, Hope, Lincolnville and Rockport.

Other measures passed by Rockport voters and vote tallies are:

Article 2 passed 1,729 to 321. It restricts vessels 40 feet or more to moorings outside the inner harbor and those 50 feet or more to beyond the middle harbor.

Off-street parking was the subject of Article 3, which passed 1,491 to 484. It amends the town Land Use Ordinance to simplify current wording, end required traffic studies, and allow the Code Enforcement Office or planning board to decide if such studies are needed.

Article 4 revisited the issue of allowable hotel rooms in the downtown core. It passed by 1,410 to 616 and limits the total number of hotel rooms in the 913 zoning district to 40, replacing a formerly approved cap of 20 rooms in any one hotel or inn.

Voters approved Article 5 by a vote of 1,718 to 269. It amends the subdivision ordinance as it relates to sewage system requirements in new subdivisions.

Article 6 was approved by a vote of 1,630 to 258. It amends the town Land Use Ordinance to streamline the project application and review process and gives the Planning and Development director greater discretion to ensure applications are complete.

Voters approved Article 7 by 1,376 to 536. It extends the Downtown Municipal Development and Tax Increment Financing Development Program to 30 years and allows tax revenues to pay costs related to wastewater projects. It also adds broadband infrastructure and environmental improvement projects to the costs that can be paid with such financing.

Article 8 asked voters to approve a new financing district and development program. It passed 1,404 to 490. Called the Route 90 Municipal Development and Tax Increment Financing District, it includes parcels along Route 90, encompasses more than 230 acres, and is geared to encouraging economic development and housing by creating revenues to fund wastewater projects.

Article 9 streamlined the hiring process for the town manager position and was approved by a vote of 1,616 to 359. It simplifies the hiring procedure and places it more in the hands of the Select Board.

Article 10 was aimed at dealing with challenges that arise when elections produce votes for write-in candidates. Its passage, with 1,590 votes to 309, means write-in candidates for town and school elections will now be required to file in writing their intention to serve if elected. If they do not, ballots cast for them will be nullified.

Philip and Anna Marcum introduce Violet Amber to the American voting process in Rockport Tuesday evening, Nov.8. Photo by Jack M. Foley

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