Election Day has arrived and voters around Knox County are making their voices heard.

Town employees and volunteers working the polls reported a good, steady turnout starting at 8 a.m. when the polls opened and a high number of absentee ballots.

In Union, where residents are also voting on a citizen’s petition about an updated engineering study for the Thompson Community Center, Town Clerk Sonya Willis reported 252 voters had cast a ballot by 10:20 a.m. and 400 absentee ballots were submitted.

Willis said there had been a steady stream of people and praised the work of the election and ballot clerks.

Outside the door of the William Pullen Meeting Room, where Union residents go to vote, Elizabeth Chang greeted people as they arrived. Chang, a Union resident who identified herself as a friend of Maine House candidate Crystal Robinson, came to the polls independently from the municipal election workers.

Annie Kiermaier of Rockport, a volunteer poll watcher for the League of Women Voters, said her training indicated Chang can greet voters outside the polls on behalf of a candidate, but cannot say what office the person is running for.

Kiermaier said she is a “neutral poll watcher,” and reported the League of Women Voters had people at polling sites all over the state doing the same work.

South Thomaston voters had a strong turnout as well.

“It’s been quite a bit busier than we expected it to be at this point,” South Thomaston Assistant Town Administrator Phil Verrill said. Everyone had been friendly though, he said, and there had been no issues.

As of 12:45 p.m., 274 people had cast ballots in person at the South Thomaston Town Office, and 277 absentee ballots were turned in. Verrill said the town was still waiting on some absentee ballots.

Thomaston had 170 voters by 9:30 a.m., with 419 absentee ballots and 47 additional absentee ballots still out.

Mike Mayo said it had been a good day so far, with a pretty steady number of voters who were all pleasant.

Even the smallest residents showed up at the ballots.

In Thomaston, Emily Maniscalco brought her five children with her to vote. With two children on a sling, one in front and one on her back, and three walking, Maniscalco had her hands full before she received her ballot.

Her children have been interested in the political signs they saw around town, Maniscalco said, and she was using this opportunity to teach them about voting.

Once she turned in her ballot, municipal officer Peter Lammert offered an “I Voted” sticker to each child, which they happily accepted.

In Union, Olivia Burns accompanied her mother Rachel Burns to the polls. Rachel said the two discussed voting, but at the age of 3 1/2, Olivia was more concerned with receiving a sticker.

Election and Ballot Clerk Cynthia Burns, Olivia’s grandmother, had a roll of stickers just for the children. Olivia was only too happy to snag a couple.

Polls across the state close at 8 p.m. Voting results will be posted online as they become available.

For Knox County local race results, see: knox.villagesoup.com.

For election results from Hancock, Knox and Waldo counties, see our free election website: elections.villagesoup.com.

Sumner Kinney is dressed in his Election Day best to work at the Thomaston polls, with shoes and a tie bearing the Stars and Stripes. Photo by Christine Simmonds

Municipal Officer Peter Lammert offers an “I VOTED” sticker to each of Emily Maniscalco’s children at the Thomaston polls, Tuesday, Nov. 8. Photo by Christine Simmonds

Emily Maniscalco attends the polls in Thomaston with her five children, Tuesday, Nov. 8. Photo by Christine Simmonds

Voters in Union check in at the polls for the Tuesday, Nov. 8 election. Photo by Christine Simmonds

Union residents vote in the Tuesday, Nov. 8 election. Photo by Christine Simmonds

Elizabeth Chang greets Union voters on behalf of a candidate as they arrive at the polls. Maine election law allows this as long as the person does not state the office or request a vote. Photo by Christine Simmonds

Annie Kiermaier of Rockport attends the Union polls as a volunteer poll watcher for the League of Women Voters. Photo by Christine Simmonds