CAMDEN — Susan Annette “Misty” Tucker was born on March 13, 1955. Many knew her as Misty Godfrey, or Misty Frank. She passed away peacefully while in the arms of her oldest daughter on Friday, Aug. 12, 2022, at exactly 3:13 p.m. She was surrounded by love, with her youngest daughter, whom she called her “baby girl,” Alexandria Godfrey, her oldest daughter and very best friend Nicole Randall, son-in-law Darren Randall, and her longtime faithful friend, Judith Gilbert. In true Misty fashion, she put herself last, even during the time of her passing. She left this world with an undeniable sign for those she loved: The day prior, she had asked Nicole if they would be ok after she was gone, and she reassured her that they would be, knowing it would cut like a knife. Nicole reassured her best friend that where she was going was beautiful, that family would greet her with open arms, and that she was going to feel all the love. “You’ll be happy and healthy, you’ll finally be able to walk in the sunshine again, or dance in the rain.” Susan then asked, “Are you scared too?” Nicole replied: “Well, I know you’ll send us signs; but my biggest fear is uncertainty; I’m going to need big signs to really know it’s you, and that you’re ok.” She nodded and squeezed Nicole’s hand.

Those who knew her best, knew the number 313 had a very special meaning for her. She was born on 3/13, but the number was a pattern that showed up in her life frequently. It was kind of a “thing” between her and her daughters. Somehow, she held on, and we were all shocked when she took her final breath at exactly 3:13 p.m. It was an undeniable sign that she was finally at peace; it was the sign they needed. Misty was a force, we all knew it, but that was an absolute miracle. There was no mistaking it, that was her way of letting us know that she was ok.

A note she had written was found that said: “I was born on Sunday, March 13, 1955 in Shreveport, Louisiana, to the best parents anyone could ever ask for, Florence Roberta Carver and Floyd Arthur Tucker.” She severely declined before she could finish her story. That was true in many ways, as she had suffered a massive stroke at the age of 59. With her fiery spirit and a strong will to live, she fought that battle for almost eight years. During that time, she developed and overcame liver cancer. Misty was a lover, and a fighter, and never once did she give up. She would often say “Tell me I can’t, and watch me, I will.” When faced with challenges most would have given up on, she said: “I have everything to live for.” After her stroke, the only quality of life she had was her family visits, and she fought hard to stay with us. She was determined to reclaim her life, but eventually her body became too tired to fight. She was certainly a force, but a massive stroke traded her freedom for a nursing home, and the best way to describe her after that is to say she was a wild bird, caught in a cage. If angels earn their wings through strength, bravery, love, and altruistic qualities, then she earned every single feather.

Misty is survived by her daughter Nicole Randall and her husband Darren Randall; daughter Alexandria Godfrey and her partner Zachary James; grandchildren Dasia, Adrian and Carter; high school best friend/sister Penny Byrd; sister-in-law Pam Tucker; and nephew Marcus Gonzalez and his wife Claudie. She was predeceased by her parents, Floyd and “Roberta” Tucker; her big brother Michael Tucker; little sister Teri Tucker; her former husband Robert “Gary” Frank; and former husband Charles Godfrey. Misty had a great sense of humor, and would have preferred to say she “outlived” them instead. She was a loyal, honest, hardworking woman, who fought many battles throughout her life. She was a true survivor, and believed in the quote: “I was complaining that I had no shoes ‘till I met a man who had no feet.” Throughout her life, she used her experiences to help others when she could. She had an incredible amount of love for her family and friends. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for them. Misty put her whole heart into everything she did. She was incredibly proud of her daughters and grandchildren. They were truly her inspiration for never giving up.

Misty had beautiful blue eyes that told a story. She was the greatest friend; if you needed her, she would drop everything to be there. She was quick-witted, sarcastic, and silly. She loved a good laugh. When it came to those she loved, she would have walked through fire. She was absolutely stunning; but the most beautiful thing about her was the way she loved from the depths of her soul, and it put her in a class of its own. She felt things deeply, she could make you smile, make you laugh, she could put you in your place. She was more selfless than any other person known. She always rooted for the underdog. If it were possible, she would have devoted all her time and money to both veterans and animals in need. That’s just the person she was. She was a force. She had healing hugs, shoulders to cry on, she really listened when you spoke, and she gave the best advice. She was someone who never saw the gift that she was to others. Susan “Misty” was humble, sweet, and self-sacrificing.

She loved Harley Davidson motorcycles and spent her younger years living on the wild side. Born and raised in the South, she was truly the definition of southern hospitality. She settled in Midcoast Maine in 1984, but always dreamed of going “home.” Her food was never by the box: she cooked with love, and her meals were always worth the wait! She enjoyed making dream catchers, sewing, gardening, and cooking. She fulfilled her dream of owning her own business as a tax professional, and had many faithful clients, turned friends. She was a special person, with a kindhearted soul, and a fighting spirit. She was loved by all, and she is greatly missed.

Family is honoring her wishes by waiting for a summer BBQ with friends, stories, live music, and sunshine on Saturday, Aug 12, 2023. There will be a private inurnment of her ashes the following day; details to be announced.

She wished to be remembered by helping those in need, holding the door for the elderly, donating to animal shelters, local veteran organizations, and by simply taking time to say “I love you and I’m thinking of you… just because.”

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