Free smoke detectors

Just a quick reminder that the Washington Fire Department can provide a free smoke detector for your home. To make a plan to get one installed, please contact the Town Office at 845-2897 or call the Fire Department at 845-2245, leave a message and someone will call you back. Now that fall is really here, make sure your home is safe for the winter. Many thanks to Washington Fire Department for this life-saving service which it has been offering for many years.

If you don’t know by now…

Souper Supper – 13 soups – chili – biscuits, beverages and pie, pie, pie!

Entry is $12, on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022, Election Day, 4:30-6 p.m. at Evening Star Grange. Easy walk to and from voting booths. Plenty of parking. Just do it.

Pumpkin Vine Farm

Anil Roopchand, who has a master’s degree in animal science, has carefully guided Pumpkin Vine Farm’s selection of goats to augment their herd. His strategy is to add strong, long-lived milker breeds with track records as good working dairy goats and breeding potential. The Roopchands (Anil, Kelly, and children Kieran and Sarita) are citizen-scientists in their work. They track each goat’s performance, with a monthly milk test and an annual physical assessment. Due to COVID, they hadn’t had a herd appraiser since the pandemic began but last week the appraiser came and delivered great news in the form of improved rankings. Their top goat is Butterfly, who scored a 91. The farm’s best yearling is, fittingly, a beautiful doe named Pumpkin. Be sure to ask about the appraisals and rankings when you go to the Farmers Market. Interesting stuff.

Final weekly market at Pumpkin Vine

This Sunday, Oct. 30, will be the final weekly Farmers Market at Pumpkin Vine Farm. We certainly thank the faithful farmers and other producers for the season of delicious, wholesome foods and great conversations. Starting in November, Pumpkin Vine will switch to a biweekly winter market, run as a pre-order and pickup. I’ll include full details next week. You can also check out these links: and

Why Pumpkin Vine?

Pumpkin Vine Family Farm is the only farmers market in the area that supplies me with their activities.

Candidate bios

The Courier’s pages of candidate comments was a help to me in the cases where the candidates actually stated some views they hold. It seems too bad that every candidate didn’t have something to say. But, anyway, thanks, Courier.

Trunk or Treat

This Saturday, Oct. 29, a Trunk or Treat Halloween activity for kids — and grown-ups especially — is being sponsored by Prescott Memorial School Parent Teacher Group. The time is 4-6 p.m. The place is in the village area around the library and Grange Hall. The trunks are automobile trunks filled with goodies for the children. Of course, the treats are goodies, but they don’t have to be candy. It can be glo-sticks, packaged granola bars, or juice boxes, for instance. Folks with stocked-trunks with will be stationed in the parking lot by the town office. Old Union Road will be closed to traffic during the festivities. This is a fun Halloween celebration for kids and adults alike. Everyone is welcome.

Did you know that . . .

On All Saints’ Day (the day after our Halloween) in the Middle Ages, the poor would go door to door offering to pray for the souls of the dead in exchange for cakes. In 2005 in Boston, 30,128 jack-o-lanterns were lit at once, creating a world record. Jack-o-lanterns make up about 99% of all pumpkins sold. Halloween is a major party day — only New Year’s Eve and the Super Bowl are larger. Candy corn was invented in the 1880s. Americans spend $2 billion on Halloween candy. Three-quarters of the candy is chocolate. In Alabama, it’s illegal to costume up as a priest. The most popular costume is that of a witch. The term “witch” comes from the Old English word meaning “wise woman,” wicce, from which Wicca is derived. Some form of a harvest festival exists in all cultures, but Halloween is from the Celtic tradition of Samhain, meaning “summer’s end.”

Thanks to Lorenzo Jensen III of Thought Catalog for these fun facts.