The professional basketball and ice hockey seasons are underway, and the Boston-based Bruins and Celtics have started strongly.

As of Wednesday, Oct. 26, the Bruins lead the Eastern Conference with six wins and only one loss. The Celtics sits second in the Eastern Conference at 3-1.

That leads the MaineStay Media/VillageSoup sports staff to ask, in its latest poll: Which Boston-based professional winter sports team will have the most successful 2022-23 campaign — Celtics or Bruins?

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In a previous poll, readers were asked: When Mac Jones is healthy enough to return to action, should he or Bailey Zappe be the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots?

Sixty-six-point-one percent said Zappe had caught lightning in a bottle and the Patriots should go with the hot hand — plus, he has more upside than Jones and Zappe makes fickle fans happy. Another 33.9 percent said Jones should return to his position because he is more experienced and talented. Plus, an athlete should not lose his/her job due to injury. There were no votes for neither quarterback has the talent to be the team’s franchise quarterback so trade for someone else. Maybe Tom Brady is available. He looks miserable in Tampa Bay — for on- and off-field reasons.

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