I’m writing as a concerned citizen of the City of Rockland.

There was a recent letter to the public from our Mayor and City Councilor Ed Glaser which clearly endorses Nate Davis in the upcoming election for city council. When reading the letter I found it odd that this was something a sitting city council member was allowed to do. After doing some very brief research it came to my attention that it is, in fact, not allowed under the City of Rockland Code, Chapter 2, section 2-208, code of ethics, which states the following:

“No city councilor may use his official authority or position for the purposes of influencing or interfering with or affecting the results of any election…”

I also recently attended a city council meeting and it was clear that the rules were not being followed by some of the council members based on the reaction of several of the other council members. Emotions were high to say the least.

We, as a community, need to do everything in our power to ensure we have a fair election process and that these elections are not compromised or influenced by means of violating our city code of ethics.

I would like to think the citizens of Rockland will do their own research on the candidates and vote accordingly and not be influenced by unjust endorsements by a sitting city council member.

Get out and vote!

Aaron Crossman


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