When I was asked to write this letter of recommendation for Adam Lachman, it was a very easy decision to say yes. Adam is heavily involved in our community, and is dedicated to coming up with new, innovative ideas for small businesses and those in the hospitality industry, like ourselves. I admire Adam’s commitment to Rockland. He maintains a positive and energetic attitude, and has an extensive history in the political scene. With the knowledge that Adam has gained through his time in the senate of Angus King, I believe he is more than qualified for his aspiring position in the Rockland City Council. Adam stands out due to his genuine care for our community and his need to be hands on. His ideas are realistic and well planned, and inclusive of those affected.

When he isn’t working on his own projects, you’ll find him working in local restaurants and seeing what local small businesses need, first hand. Adam is observant, and takes all factors into consideration. He is level headed, kind, and more than qualified for this position. I am confident, without reservation, that Adam Lachman would be an excellent fit for the City of Rockland.

Melissa Kelly

Owls Head