ROCKLAND — A judge agreed Monday to set bail at $250 cash for a woman charged with a fentanyl offense after her attorney argued that higher bail would prevent her from getting into a rehabilitation center.

Justice Daniel Billings set the bail Oct. 25 during the initial appearance hearing for Maria V. Bowie, 40, of Westbrook on a charge of aggravated unlawful furnishing of drugs (fentanyl), unlawful possession of drugs (the anti-seizure drug gabapentin) and violation of a condition of release. The aggravated charge is a Class B offense, with a maximum possible sentence of 10 years in prison, because Bowie has two prior drug convictions.

Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Baroody had requested bail during the hearing in the Knox County Court be set at $1,000 cash because of the seriousness of the charge, her prior convictions and her being still on probation on a prior drug conviction.

Defense attorney for the day David Zirschky requested lower bail because Bowie was trying to get into sober houses and could only raise $250.

Zirschky said Bowie has a substance abuse issue and the drugs were for personal use. She was arrested after being found slumped over at the wheel of a car on Oct. 23 in Rockland.

Baroody pointed out the suspect had 8 grams of fentanyl on her, 85 Gabapentin pills and $900 in cash, which indicates it was more than for personal use. The prosecutor pointed out that state law deems anything more than 2 grams as furnishing or trafficking rather than possession.