As the nights get colder, our intake of cats at the shelter becomes twice as high as during the spring and summer. There becomes an urgency in our communities to get the stray mamas and their babies or the beat-up tomcat who has been hanging around the backyard to safety before the icy winds of winter threaten their lives.

JJ Pope Memorial Humane Society

Of course, we welcome these displaced kitties to our shelter and applaud the kindness of their rescuers. Now we need to complete the circle and have loving families to adopt these deserving orphans. Some of them come in with no people skills and prefer a working barn where they can ply their mouse catching trade. Others have obviously been beloved cats at one time and are so very grateful to be taken into a home. Either way, we want them to have their best lives, and need our communities to make it happen. Please consider falling in love with a stray cat. It can change their, and your life forever.

My three cat picks for this week were from a group of displaced cats in Warren. They were lucky enough to find their way to a neighborhood of animal lovers, who fed and socialized with them before bringing them to the shelter. At first shy, these three were not long in letting us know how much they would like a “real” home.

Margret Pope Memorial Humane Society

Jayqueline is roughly 4 years old with a sleek grey and white coat and gorgeous amber eyes. She can be found in Cat Room 1 with her outside pals from Warren named Margret & JJ. Margret is the epitome of a classic tabby, with striking markings and just enough sass to keep you on your toes. JJ is the ultimate, laid-back tomcat. He looks much like Jayqueline and could very well be her brother. Jay & JJ like to have a little encouragement to come out for petting, but once they do you are theirs. Margret is right there, up front, waiting to be adored. All three would still be outside struggling to stay warm and dry if not for a caring group of neighbors who knew they deserved more.

If you would like more information about Jayqueline, JJ and Margret, give us a call at Pope Memorial Humane Society, (207) 594-2200. To apply to adopt any of our residents, go to

If you aren’t in the position to adopt, there are other great ways to help the animals. Our friends at Shepard Auto Group are holding a “Stuff the Truck” event this month to benefit the shelter.

Bring down any of these high-demand items to either the Shepard Storage, Shepard Auto Group, or Shepard Toyota location to Stuff the Truck! The event’s last day is Oct. 28, and we celebrate with a drive-through Trunk-or-Treat event!
Items needed can be found on the wishlist here:
Major items needed: paper towels, cleaning supplies (any and all), dry and wet kitten food, poultry-flavor pate-style canned cat food and mini dog treats. Thank you for your support!