Rockland is presented with an excellent slate of candidates for City Council this year, setting us up for success over the near term regardless of the outcome of the vote, but with this letter I propose we give Adam Lachman a shot as Councilor in the November election. I have three reasons for this recommendation.

First, as director of economic and innovation policy for Senator Angus King, he has extensive relationships with. and knowledge of, local, state and federal institutions, and is therefore uniquely well-positioned to bring resources and best practices to our city.

Second, as a long-time Maine resident, Adam is deeply committed to Rockland, expressed in his readiness to stand for election a second time, his genial daily presence at Ada’s Restaurant, his diligent attendance at Council meetings and his encyclopedic knowledge of our constituents, our city resources, local businesses, not-for-profits, schools and other institutions.

Third, Adam is a strategic thinker, a procedural and policy expert and a smart networker; for sure, there’s not much flash and bang in technical competence, but these are the skill-sets needed to develop and execute a long-term plan and bring about enduring positive change in our community. Two of the four candidates will be elected for City Council this year; consider Adam as one of your choices. Go Rockland!

Paul Coster