We’re voting for Pinny Beebe-Center for Maine Senate District 12 and we want to encourage all District 12 voters to join us in supporting Pinny.

Full disclosure: We are close friends of Pinny and know first-hand her dedication to public service from our work with her on Knox County Homeless Coalition and Restorative Justice Project Maine matters.

During her three terms in the Maine Legislature and over the course of her public service career, Pinny has learned that communities solve problems by working together.

Pinny’s top priorities as our State Senator will be health care for all, accessible mental health treatment, and ensuring that funding for schools is fair and equitable. She also intends to continue her work protecting marine resources (including our critical lobstering industry) and criminal justice reform.

We need to have Pinny representing District 12 in the Maine Senate. Please join us in voting for Pinny.

Ed Modell and Ms. Merle Rockwell

South Thomaston