I would like to address the political ads circulating this election cycle — namely those not approved or authorized by any candidate. Candidates have no control or input over ads funded by sources outside our campaigns. Unfortunately, it came to my attention this week that mailers attacking my opponent, Abden Simmons, have been sent to Senate District 13 voters. As a parent, educator, and graduate of our local schools, I’ve also found it disturbing to see negative ads disparaging our hard-working teachers and accusing them of maliciously “indoctrinating” our children.

I want to be clear that I strongly disapprove of this type of politics.

This rhetoric promotes misinformation and leads to divisiveness. It prevents us from working together to solve problems. It’s an ongoing issue in politics, and it’s the reason I decided to run a completely clean and positive campaign from the start.

Our district and our state are facing real challenges. We have PFAS contaminating our soil and water, our lobster industry is under attack, and small businesses are struggling. We are battling climate change, a housing crisis, and lack of accessible healthcare. Some of our neighbors are unsure how to put food on the table for tonight’s dinner. The list goes on and on.

We must move beyond playing partisan politics to get to work on actual solutions and positive outcomes. These are complex problems that no one person can solve alone. I have spent the last several years working in teams to find resources and solutions for students and families. I have the skills and desire to work with people, even those with whom I know I won’t always agree, because I want the best for our communities.

I have faith that District 13 will set aside partisan stereotypes and take the time to consider who candidates really are as individuals — our values and our priorities — before making their decisions in this election. If you are unsure of my position on any issue, please call (207-400-9910) or email (teamreny@gmail.com) me before trusting an unauthorized source. After you have the facts, I hope you will allow me to work for all of us by voting for me on Nov. 8.

Cameron Reny

Round Pond