I ask all Union voters to vote “No” on Article 2 on the ballot. This article and its wording are nothing more than an outright distortion of the facts. There is no need for another expensive building engineering study. There is one on file that was completed in 2018. There are also funds that the Select Board recently released to perform studies on the gym floor and the south wall of the brick building, the only areas of concern. This article has had the effect of delaying improvements to the complex which would have allowed the town to increase the revenues to offset the expenses to the citizens of Union.

With winter coming and the building needing money for fuel oil, the delay caused by this article will force the town to fund the heating bill, which could have been covered by rents and other fundraising sources.

The TMA has worked hard to provide a place for people to walk, play and shop at the thrift store. We will continue to do that for the near future, at no expense to the town.

The Thompson Community Center and the yellow school building can be a real source of pride for the people of Union. Creating a working and fully occupied community building coupled with a revenue source from the repurposed yellow school building will stand out as an example of a public and private project which will bring new life and vigor to Union.

The distraction of Article 2 stands in the way of that. Please vote “No” on Nov. 8 against article one.

Erik Amundsen