We are right in the middle of election season, when political signs are blossoming all over town like fall flowers. I am leaving my seat on the Rockland City Council after serving two terms. It has been a great honor, and a pleasure to work with all of the different councilors over the last six years. This year, we are fortunate to have four really good city council candidates to choose from, and all of them would serve the city well. But, I do want to make one recommendation.

I have served the last three years with Nate Davis, and re-electing him to the city council would be good for Rockland. He is probably the smartest person to serve on the council in many years, and immediately grasps all sides of an issue. He listens better than most, has a vision for a better Rockland (that includes all of us) and at least as importantly he has a good heart. Being a good councilor requires balancing competing interests and ideas, and from my experience, Councilor Davis excels at that.

Happily this year, we don’t have to pick “the least worst” candidate, we can pick the best — “Nate is great.”

Ed Glaser