As Crystal Robinson’s son, I used to be a full-on Bernie fan. His was the only campaign I ever donated to. I have been educating myself more on American history, the Constitution, and current affairs over the past few years. I have far more insight now on how state and federal governments operate and I’m realizing it’s extremely crucial to elect people that truly have our best interest at heart.

I support voting for Crystal not because she’s my mother, but because she is fair, honest, and open minded. I care a lot about my rights and freedoms as an individual. The direction in which our state and country have been headed over the past few years is alarming and should have us all worried. There’s a trend that has been going on for some quite some time now across party lines. Those in power are mainly looking out for themselves and not the people that voted them in.

I encourage you whether you’re Republican, Democrat, or Independent to carefully look over a candidate’s voting record and character in the past and in the present. Actions speak far louder than words and this is especially true in the political realm.

If my mom is willing and eager to sacrifice her hard-earned retirement years to serve our community, I think she should be given a chance. If you care about your freedoms, are concerned about government overreach, and the power going back to the people where it has always belonged, then she is your person. Please check out her website and make your own informed decision. And trust me, I know it doesn’t seem like it, but getting out there and voting makes a huge difference. We get the government we deserve and if we don’t vote we don’t have the right to complain.

Alex Robinson

Alexandria, Va.