We are writing to express our enthusiastic support for Bill Pluecker’s campaign to represent Maine House District 44.

Bill has been a terrific representative since going to Augusta two terms ago; he is responsive to constituent questions, forthcoming about his thoughts and positions, and willing to seek practical solutions to the problems we face in our communities. He is leading in addressing the environmental crisis of PFAS that has hit our state hard, which is important to us because for us humans to live healthy and fulfilling lives, we must ensure the health of the land we live and rely on and do everything we can to repair past damage we’ve done. His work on his farm to make locally grown, healthy food available to people regardless of income is so deeply important; it is a program that both of us could have benefitted from growing up.

There is a lot of empty talk in today’s political atmosphere. In contrast, Bill Pluecker has a demonstrated track record of working to improve life for Maine people, both on his farm and in Augusta, and that’s why we are voting for him. We hope you will join us.

Ben Blackmon & Regina Rooney