ROCKLAND — The following is news from the Rockland Golf Club:

On Saturday, Oct. 22, in men’s league one gross/one net play, the team of James Anderson, Mike Bonzagni, Rick Erickson and Warren Marshall finished first at 137 .

On Thursday, Oct. 20, in women’s association “nines” play, Joyce Cooley finished first at 71; Wendy Dewing, second at 61; Wendy Pires, third at 60; and Marty Jones, Kathy Harper and Nancy Carlson, tied for fourth at 57.

Pins: Joyce Cooley, 8-10 on the fifth hole; Nancy Carlson, 26-5 on the 10th; and Marty Jones, 2-7 on the 18th.

Golfers played in threesomes for points — five for best score, three for next best, one for highest score on a hole — based on net scores.

On Saturday, Oct. 15, in the 20th annual Keenan’s Irish Open, an 18-hole fundraising event for the club that included twosomes playing best ball, scramble and alternate shot, the results were:

Women’s Fight — Kathy Harper and Wendy Pires, first gross 86; and Marty Jones and Chrissey Armstrong, first net 65.

Mixed Flight — Kevin LaBree and Kathleen LaBree, first gross 73; and Dean Sasek and Kathy Macpherson, first net 59.5.

Men’s Flight 1 — James Anderson and Jason Wilcox, first gross 66; and Mark Manzi and Mer Doucette, as well as Charlie Brown and Andrew Rogers, tied first net 61.

Men’s Flight 2 — John Spear and Dick Crossman, first gross 75; and Jim Brannan and Bill Barbour, first net 61.

Pins: Nancy Carlson, 6-4, and John Frye, 5-5, on the fifth hole; Becky Gamage, 16-8, and Reade Brower, 2-2 on the 10th; and Nancy Carlson, 24-2, and Phil Carlson, 6-0, on the 18th.

Keenan Flanagan is the longtime PGA professional at the club and is Irish.

In the recent Wotton Cup conpetition, Jordan Carter and Jeremy Young combined to take the title. Charlie Page and Dick Crossman finished as runners-up.

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