ROCKLAND — “Flight Risk: Fine Art For The Birds,” which has been on view throughout the summer at Harbor Square Gallery, comes to a close at the end of October. The exhibition of fine art features birds as subject matter, by national and international artists, including painting, photography, sculpture and other works.

“Preening Heron” by Nina Scott Hansen.

Maine Audubon’s mission has always embraced the connection between art and nature, so partnering with others who share that focus is a natural progression.  A portion of the proceeds from “Flight Risk: Fine Art For The Birds” will benefit Maine Audubon’s conservation work.

The show includes two paintings by Midcoast artist Kris Johnson, who passed away recently in her early 80s after a brief battle with cancer. She loved all critters and had a habit of putting birds, most often a crow or three, in her colorful works. While Johnson mainly showed at Mars Hall Gallery in Tenants Harbor, she had longed for years to have her work hung in the city she called home and loved dearly. Shortly before Johnson died, she instructed the gallery to give her share of her sales to Maine Audubon.

Gallery owner Tom O’Donovan was inspired to create the show when he began to notice a decline in birds. “This year, like most I can recall, it seems somewhat fewer have returned than left in the fall,” he said. “Birds of every kind and color are everywhere at risk. There is no need here to list the many reasons for this. There is, I believe, a clear need for a greater attention to their plight and by extension to our own lest Rachel Carson’s sad premonition come to pass. What then can we do? What is our calling here in this place and time? ‘Flight Risk,’ the centerpiece of our 42nd season, is our response to that question.”

Back in July, the Mid-Coast Chapter of Maine Audubon led companion programming, which included a Walk the Waterfront bird walk with Will Broussard, and a program at the gallery by Warren author/birder Don Reimer, who presented photographic celebration of Maine’s corvids — five intriguing members of the crow family.

Harbor Square Gallery is located at 374 Main St. Visit for hours or a virtual tour.