ROCKLAND — The Rockland Police Review Committee has scheduled an in-person public forum to get the community’s sentiments on the panel’s recommendations.

The Review Committee has recommended creating a standing citizen review committee, mechanisms for public feedback around policing, an arrest diversion program, a mobile crisis response for mental health and additional related crisis, and the creation of a city community liaison.

The public forum is scheduled for 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 24, at Rockland City Hall at 270 Pleasant St. In-person participation is encouraged but a hybrid option will be available.

The Council voted 3-2 last month for a three-month extension for the panel to make its recommendations with Mayor Ed Glaser and Councilors Sarah Austin and Nate Davis supporting the move and Councilors Nicole Kalloch and Louise MacLellan-Ruf opposed.

Rockland Police Chief Tim Carroll told Councilors last month the committee was “looking for a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.”

Chief Carroll said last month the main issues faced by the city in terms of law enforcement are mental health problems (94 incidents thus far in 2022) and juvenile criminal acts (113 thus far in 2022). While the committee has touched upon those issues, their discussions often return to how to promote ways for citizens to file complaints against officers, the chief said last month.

He said the department already is heavily involved in community policing, reciting a lengthy list that includes school visits, Sand for Seniors, Meals on Wheels, a drug take-back program, and Narcan training.

The department has used force on 34 occasions during 2022 but received no complaints.

The Council voted July 12, 2021, to create the ad-hoc police review committee to investigate ways to improve community policing in Rockland and report those recommendations to the City Council. The work was expected to take 12 months to complete, but the committee could ask for additional time.

The committee was formed less than a year after a petition was filed with the Rockland City Council in August 2020 by a group calling for reallocating money from police to social services. That petition gathered 135 local signatures. Supporters of the department collected more signatures in response to the original petition.

The hybrid option for the public forum is