Citizens in Camden, Rockport, Appleton, Hope and Lincolnville will elect a governor, congressperson, state senator, local house reps, and in some towns vote on local issues in the Nov. 8 election. Here is a listing of where and when to vote. Unless otherwise noted, voting will be held from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Residents in Camden and Rockport will vote on a correction to a typographical error in the school budget vote from May. In May, the residents approved a total $13.9 million budget. The actual figure is $17.9 million. According to information from the school district, this will have no net effect on property taxes. The error was in the budget summary article, but Business Manager Pete Orne said all the other expenditure and revenue articles were correct.


Camden residents will vote at the Public Safety Building, 31 Washington St.

Rockport voters may roll back hotel restrictions

Rockport residents vote at the town office, 101 Main St.

In Rockport, residents will vote on a number of proposed amendments to town ordinances and TIF districts. One of the proposed changes would be to the requirement for an independent traffic study before allowing for any off-site or shared parking or waiver of parking requirements. This issue was discussed at length during the appeals of the hotel being built in the village.

The change to the ordinance, if approved, would replace the former study requirement to state: “To assist in considering these factors related to off-street parking, the CEO or Planning Board may order a study of such factors, paid for by the applicant…”

Another proposed change to the land use ordinance would end the 20-room cap on hotels and inns. Instead, it would read, “No more than 40 (forty) rooms, in aggregate, shall be permitted at Inns/Hotels in the 913 zoning district.”

Both items were unanimously recommended by the Rockport Planning and Select Boards.

Rockport townspeople previously approved the 20-room cap at a town meeting in August 2020.

The full warrant for the November election in Rockport can be found here:


Voting is at the Appleton fire station, 2915 Sennebec Road.


Hope residents vote in the town office, 441 Camden Road.

Lincolnville proposes gender-neutral language

Lincolnville residents will vote in the Lincolnville Central School gym, 523 Hope Road. In addition to voting on statewide ballot items, Lincolnville residents will vote on proposed charter amendments to make town board names more gender-neutral. Instead of the “Board of Selectmen,” it would now be the “Select Board,” for example.