It is my pleasure to introduce sisters Marney and Shiloh. These beautiful girls were brought to us after their owner passed away and the family was not able to keep them. They have been living in my office at Pope for a few weeks and we have become very good friends.

Marney was a bit shy at first, but she has warmed up considerably. She loves to sit on my desk while I am working and sing to me! She loves to get pats and sit on my lap. Her sister Shiloh is a bit shyer but is also warming up. She also enjoys getting pats and scritches. These two senior girls are just over 11 years old and are looking for a home where they can be together, relax and get lots of love.

Please let us know if you are interested in giving these beautiful girls a loving home. You can fill out our adoption application at Stop by the shelter or call 594-2200. We are open Monday-Saturday 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

We are currently welcoming new foster families! Our shelter has only so much space but thanks to the work of our foster families, we are able to increase the number of animals we can help! Foster homes provide a caring, temporary home where animals can receive more individualized attention. Sometimes they are recovering from an injury or illness, need to be socialized, aren’t old enough to be placed in a permanent home or just need some R&R away from the shelter. If you’re interested in fostering visit our website to learn more or call the shelter and ask for Sally.

Wish list: Six-inch paper plates, scrubby sponges, hot dogs, string cheese, angled brooms, and gift cards to supermarkets, Walmart, Staples or other local businesses. Thank you.